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Terms of Service

Scripts on this site provided as is - without any warranties. They may boost, alter or damage your hardware and software - but usually they work as intended. And, of course, we'll make our best effort to keep you happy with your purchase (see "support" section below).

Customization of the scripts can be done for additional time-based fee - or free of charge (if it doesn't require much time). Please note: altered scripts can be incompatible with future updates.

Scripts coming with single-domain license key which is linked to your domain and in case of transfer to another site/domain it requires additional (25% of full price) fee to change license.

Backlinks to plusphp.com may be removed from scripts with commercial licenses - unless explicitly sold with "linkback license".

You may not resell plusPHP scripts as code. However you may sell site based on scripts (along with licensed domain and license key). Scripts with unlimited domain licenses are for personal use only: you may not sell sites with such scripts (new owner of your site/domain has to obtain license via plusPHP.com).

Scripts source code is intellectual property of it's developer and you may not publish parts of code (or full code) anythere on Internet forums, message boards - except for plusPHP support forums.

Keep in mind: instructions for developers not available. However there is e-mail support available + (most) applications have very simple inner structure with commented code.

Multi-domain license mean "one site with multiple domains". Such license doesn't allow multiple installations and can be sold only as a whole: means owner cannot install or sell multiple sites based on this license (there is "unlimited" license for such cases).

License agreement

By using our software you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree with this terms - do not use our software and delete all copies in your posession.

You may not, under any circumstances, re-distribute or re-sell plusPHP software as standalone product or as part/bonus of other deals. You may sell site based on script (along with your license) with single domain license key obtained via plusphp.com site.

We give no warranty or guarantee for the software.

We are not liable for loss of data or any damages the service might cause you, your computer, your clients/users or anything else related to you.

You are solely responsible for the use of the program and any content you display using the program.

Debugs of our original (unmodified) scripts are free of charge during 1 year after purchase. Each buyer eligible to receive newest versions of software (in form of file archives) during 6 months after purchase.

You are allowed to modify scripts and templates - however you may not claim ownership of the modified product. Also modification of our software may void free support (if included in license).

Software source codes is an intellectual property of it's developer and protected by copyright laws. These codes may not be published anythere in Internet - except for plusPHP support forums.

All customers must submit the URL where they are using or plan to use each licence they purchased.

plusPHP may terminate your license if any of these terms were broken in our opinion - without prior notification. In this case you are agree to remove all plusPHP codes from your sites. Depending on situation we may ask you for additional compensation or may return part or full price of your license.

We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time.


Every script comes with our support - starting from e-mail support and help with installation up to full installation service (if stated in script description). Note: existing customers describes our support as "excellent".

Updates of scripts are free of charge during 6 months from purchase date and being delivered on per-request basis. Means - you have to check product's page from time to time for new updates (they are on top of features list and often marked with new! string) and ask about them via "Contact / Support" section. Updates being delivered as archives with installation instructions (sometimes - with free installation service if needed).

Debugs are free of charge.

If you have any questions or need support - use our contact form. Average response time - 12 hours.

Privacy Policy

Any information submitted by you to our payment gateway service providers (2Checkout.com, Plimus.com) will be used solely for the purpose of completing the transaction, delivering the product and addressing any customer service issues.

Payment Gateway

2Checkout.com is retailer of our software and services and aren't responsible for the software's quality and/or support.

Refund Policy

If you aren't happy with your purchase - you can get your money back during 30 days after purchase. In this case you have to remove all purchased copies of our software from your sites.

Exclusion: if installation or customization service was ordered and performed as separate procedure refund is  not an option for this service.

If you are going to re-develop product - please - ask about it's possibilities before purchase: refunds cost us money and reputation (with payment gateway). Don't force us to pay for your experiments.