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plusPHP Easy Image Hosting

Image Hosting SoftwareAJAX-based image upload script is turnkey solution to start free image upload/host service or image/gallery section on your site. Images upload process won't reload whole page + generate codes to post images on forums or in blog posts. See in action or ask questions.

Buy now (ToS) for $29.50 (multi-domain license, source not encrypted).

Why choose plusPHP Image Hosting Script?

  • easy to start: upload and it's ready to go;
  • easy to configure: single config file with easy to comprehend variables (+ instructions included);
  • easy to use: powerful multi-file upload interface and public gallery for uploaded images;
  • easy to admin: simple admin panel to manage visitors IPs, delete pictures and change advertisement;
  • easy to promote: auto-generated social bookmarking buttons for each image + easy to crawl links (with mod_rewrite support);
  • easy to protect your bandwidth: script is ready to wotk with mod_rewrite hotlink protection.


  • AJAX interface with multi-upload - submit your images without page reload;
  • ready-to-go solution - just copy it onto your server and change admin password/email to make it fully functional;
  • to run the software you don't need MySQL database - just PHP 4.2 or higher with GD library support is enough;
  • premium design with 4 skins included (red, green, blue, gray) - tested in IE6-7, FireFox 2.0;
  • easy to modify layout and source code;
  • AJAX powered upload interface;
  • AJAX/Flash powered multi-file uploader;
  • possibility to use script as single-user image archive (configurable - upload available only after admin authorization);
  • automated social bookmarking buttons for each image;
  • "next image", "previous image" buttons to boost your sites hits (more ads exposures);
  • BB codes for uploaded images;
  • 1-click link code copy procedure - support IE/FF/Opera browsers (JS + Flash);
  • private/public images + public gallery (can be turned off);
  • permanent links for gallery pages (new images forms new pages);
  • SEOed mode with mod_rewrite;
  • new! better pagination ("oldest images", "next page", "previous page", "newest photos");
  • individual meta keywords and description for each page;
  • different sets of advertisement for public and private images;
  • various sizes for thumbnails;
  • "ultra-high quality" thumbnail for very big images in case if your hosting account doesn't have enough memory (should be width * height * 5 to operate);
  • various styles for gallery codes (doesn't work in IE6);
  • password-protected admin interface;
  • visitor interface language data in separate file;
  • admin: delete files;
  • admin: ban IP;
  • admin: delete old (idle) files;
  • admin: delete all files;
  • "deleted image" picture for moderated images to indicate your activity;
  • error page for deleted images;
  • supported formats are PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, animated GIF;
  • visitor interface language data in separate file;
  • admin: advertisement editing via interface;
  • admin: changed IP management interface.

Known Bugs for Image Hosting SoftwareKnown Bugs

  • BB code format (new strings in upload form) doesn't work in IE6;
  • upload interface is not compatible with Opera.