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plusPHP Photo Rating Script

Photo Post ScriptThis PHP/MySQL based script is perfect to organize image rating gallery or "funny photos" (or "adult" or "celebrities" if you wish) website there visitors can vote for their favorite images. The script has been designed to make money using Google Adsense, Fastclick/ValueClick, Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN). Easy-to-edit advertizement blocks placed in optimal spots of script's templates to maximize your revenue.

Buy it now (ToS) for $49 (single-domain license, core file - 2% of total code - is encrypted). Script in action + alternative template (+ "light" template). Admin demo - use "demo" without quotes as login/password (script with wallpapers module, saving disabled). To run the script your server need following (common) technologies: Apache, PHP, mod_rewrite, GD2 and at least 16Mb available memory per process (to resize images).

Features of the Image Rating Script

  • new: light template;
  • new: simplier template;
  • new: "random" mode - one random photo on start page (vote = next picture);
  •  new: karma control to prevent evil (or sad) people downvote other's submissions;
  • "i like it" / "skip" / "i hate it" rating system;
  • popularity ratings: best pictures, new pictures, recently popular pictures, best pictures by user,
  • most popular users' galleries (based on votes and pictures amount);
  • users' personal galleries and favorites;
  • mass photo add/submission facility for administrator with automated title generator (based on image titles) - this functions isn't presented on demo site - but it's complete copy of multi-upload from image host script;
  • individual titles, meta-tags for each page with images;
  • comments (may be turned off);
  • automated photo rename during upload - optimized for search engines (like "funny-cats-photo-humor.jpg") to boost traffic;
  • image tags / tag-themed galleries;
  • images search;
  • image "source" link (for traffic exchange and to give credit to photo authors);
  • automatically generated RSS feed for new/best/renewed images;
  • automatically generated social bookmarking buttons for each image;
  • SEOed links (with mod_rewrite);
  • powerful hotlink protection with mod_rewrite (try this direct hotlink);
  • PHP/MySQL driven software;
  • JPG/PNG/GIF support (images stored as JPG - so there is no animated GIF support - unless GIFs are smaller than thumbnail size);
  • Smarty-based template system - easy to change layout;
  • module-based CMS (can be easily boosted or upgraded);
  • comes with two templates ("light" and "dark");
  • ajax-powered visitors vote system + "best pictures" gallery;
  • silent daily downvote limit per visitor - configurable;
  • admin: make any image "popular" instantly;
  • admin: add new admins;
  • admin: change user's vote power;
  • admin: ban IPs and visitors;
  • admin: edit comments;
  • admin: edit own and other's registration information;
  • admin: change amount of pictures per page in browse mode;
  • admin: change thumbnail and image size (for newly uploaded images only).
  • admin: disable anonymous submissions and/or submissions from registered users.

In development:

  • new template (light);
  • related pictures display by category;
  • galleries ("Me in Thailand");
  • revenue sharing with users.

Script is based on plusPHP content management system.