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Short URL, URL Cloak SoftwareWhy do you need your own short URL service? For many resons - such as

  • to organize your own (profitable somethen) service like tinyurl.com;
  • to hide your affiliate links with your own site's URLs (http://your-site.com/your-tag instead of affiliate-name.subdomain.cj.com/?some-params-here);
  • to boost SEO/SEM using keywords-rich links to your sites (like http://your-service.com/keyword-keyword.html ).

Buy it now (ToS) for $19.50 (unlimited domains license), see in action  or ask questions.

Short URL Script Features:

  • ready-to-go functionality: just copy files onto your server - and you'll have fully functional site;
  • AJAX interface;
  • API to convert URLs for remote sites;
  • temporary URLs - links being deleted after few hours or days;
  • temporary URL function expressions support - like 24*7*2 - means 24 (hours) X 7 (days) * 2 (weeks)  = 2 weeks);
  • bulk URLs submission;
  • custom tags support (links like http://your-domain.com/software instead of http://your-doamin.com/short/a1b2c3d );
  • tag availability check with warning (silent if same URL submitted);
  • multi-word tags (like http://site.com/keyword-keyword2-keyword3.html);
  • SEOed mode (with mod_rewrite) - support both http://your-domain.com/software (SEOed) and http://your-domain/?software links;
  • even more SEO (with mod_rewrite) - links with ".html" extension - http://your-domain.com/software.html;
  • every X redirect show page with your ads (X = number which can be changed at any moment in config file);
  • ability to display redirect page instead of instant redirect (can be changed in config file);
  • framed redirect mode - with both top and bottom ads;
  • you may change number of seconds before delayed redirect (middle-page) in config file.

The software requires PHP support and optional mod_rewrite support. MySQL is not needed. There is no admin interface in this version (if you want "tuning" - config file have to be edited manually).