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plusPHP Desktop Wallpapers Script

plusPHP Desktop Wallpapers ScriptplusPHP Desktop Wallpapers script allows to start profitable site. Script has perfectly placed ads zones and all you need to start earn money from advertisement is to change banner codes, upload some wallpapers via powerful mass-upload interface and wait for traffic from Google and Google Images as script perfectly optimized for search engines. To run the site you don't need any special knowledge like programming or HTML coding. To see desktop wallpaper script in action - click here (various templateshere + one more).

Buy it now for $49 Admin demo - front end

Buy it now for $49 - ToS. Single domain license, one (core) file encrypted (2% of total code + description how this file works).

Admin demo available here (login and password - "demo" without quotes). For user demo use login and password "test" (or just register as new user).

Light Template - Desktop Wallpapers

To run wallpaper script your host server has to support these (common) technologies: PHP/MySQL, mod_rewrite, GD library and 16 or more megabytes of RAM per PHP process available (to resize images). Please, contact your ISP to be sure your host support these (common) technologies. Script may be incompatible with configurations of servers of certain hosting providers (ixwebhosting.com).

plusPHP Desltop Wallpapers - features for owners:

  • easy to start - automated export: upload images and ZIP archives using FTP (application coonvert directories structure into categories);
  • easy to monetize - optimized ads zones and easy easy interface to adit ads;
  • easy to manage - powerful admin interface with mass upload, IP addresses bans, wysiwyg pages editor and drag-and-drop categories editor;
  • easy to promote: pages and categories has SEOed links and unique titles (+ categories may have unique description) + (configurable) image files automatically renamed according to categories an/or tags and wallpapers titles (to boost traffic from Google image search);
  • easy to translate: all language data separated from code and design + owner has interface to trranslate all phrases via site's interface.

Features of wallpaper script:

  • new! easy to start site: import images uploaded by FTP - script will save files and directories as wallpapers and categories with unique titles;
  • new! upload zip files with wallpapers - they will be automatically unzipped;
  • easy to search and browse by category or by tags wallpapers gallery with search;
  • multiple sizes available for each image without actual resizing with on-the-fly wallpapers resize: upload biggest image available and all smaller sizes will be generated (and cached) upon users' requests;
  • sharpen images duing resize (with PHP5);
  • unlimited categories and subcategories;
  • SEOed pages links;
  • SEOed file names;
  • "most viewed", "most downloaded" and "newest wallpapers" sections;
  • admin: during upload you may choose to keep original file names or automatically rewrite it with SEOed string (like "sizzling-car-desktop-wallpaper.jpg");
  • admin: AJAX powered upload interface with Flash-based bulk upload with progress indicator;
  • admin: you may choose which sizes of wallpapers available on site (for example "1600x1200, 1440x1050, 320x480" - include wallpapers for iPhones);
  • admin: AJAX-powered drag-and-drop categories order editing;
  • admin: png/gif/jpg image or custom text can be used to watermark generated wallpapers;
  • admin: configurable watermark position;
  • "most favorited" wallpapers rating with "I like it" and "I don't like it" options;
  • registered users with confirmed e-mails has higher vote power;
  • "my favorites" gallery both for registered users and visitors;
  • registered users may upload wallpapers with backlinks to their sites;
  • "my (uploaded) wallpapers" section for registered users;
  • users' registration and authorization with captcha protection (can be turned off);
  • e-mail confirmation (can be turned off);
  • password remind facility;
  • ban IP addresses, ban users;
  • delete all pictures by user ID and/or IP address;
  • configurable minimum size check for uploads (for example - width/height has to be 320 pixels minimum).

In development:

  • new templates (multi-user portal + light);
  • related pictures display by category;
  • revenue sharing with users.

Desktop wallpapers script is based on content management system.