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plusPHP Short URL Script

Advanced Short URL, URL Cloak Software This software is most advanced short URL script on the market (see it in action).

Buy now $49 Admin demo - in action
Buy now $99 - Ultra version (description below) - Front end - Admin demo

(ToS) All licenses cover single installation. Standard version may work with single domain only. Script's price include (optional) installation service. One file has encrypted source code for licensing purpose only (layout not affected and can be changed any time). 

Standard version (non-Ultra) without encryption (installation on multiple domains allowed) - purchase for $99

Software requires PHP and MySQL with optional mod_rewrite support. Ultra version has ionCube encryption - ask your server/network administrator if your hosting support ionCube library or if s/he can install it.

Short URL Admin Area Screenshots:

Short URL Config Short URL Users Short URLs List Short URL Redirects Statistics

Main features of short URL script:

  • easy to install: copy to server, change 4 lines in config file, upload database - and you'll have site up and running;
  • easy to manage: powerful admin panel with almost hundred parameters + wysiwyg pages and navigation editor;
  • easy to control: ban IP addresses, ban users, prohibit e-mail and URL domains, delete links by domain and users' IP addresses and/or IDs;
  • easy to translate: all language data for visitors' interfaces separated from code and complete translation to new languages takes about 2 hours (via admin interface) + possible multi-language support (via customization).

2011 - new! Ultra Short URL Features:

Microsoft TagFacebook Connect* and Twitter OAuth* integration for easier registration and sign-in;
full multi-language interface support for international sites - include localized ads for each language - may support unlimited amount of languages. New language editor allow to translate site step by step (or module by module using language files export/import function). Note: demo site and actual script do not have any language packs except for English - however language switch work perfectly - check it on this page (switch between Russian and English);
URLs going mobile: QR Codes and Microsoft Tags* generator for each URL - to place them into print and TV ads (note: Microsoft Tag is registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.);
real time anti-spam checks* against 2 spam databases (phishtank and surbl.org);
star rating system (may be turned off by admin) + removable "toolbar" with statistic for URLs;
visitors' advertisement for URLs on top of pages (may be limited to registered or trusted users);
revenue sharing system: visitors may add their own advertisement which will be displayed 50/50 with admin's;
QR Coderevenue boost system: after certain amount of "free" instant redirects (daily limit) URLs display toolbar with ads - so "weak" links will remain free of ads while "power users" may bring substantial income from advertisement;
countries tracking for redirects statistics (may be upgraded to city/suburb tracking database + Google.Maps display);
+ every feature of Advanced version - see below.
note: Ultra version requires ionCube support on server - ask your server admin if it's presented or can be installed.
* Microsoft Tags, Twitter, Facebook APIs require registration on external services/sites (you can find links to certain registration pages and sites within configuration interface of the script).

Advanced Short URL Script Features:

  • heavy duty application proven to be very stable - it may perform millions redirects and handle hundreds of thousands URLs in database (with proper hardware);
  • 2 ways visitors authorization - based on IP address + usual login/password;
  • profiles handling system - registration, e-mail confirmation, password remind facility, secure passwords handling, change e-mail/password facility with re-confirmation, etc;
  • AJAX interface;
  • API to create short URLs for remote services;
  • bulk URL shortening;
  • password-protected URLs;
  • temporary URLs (valid till certain date);
  • easy database backup download;
  • automated spammy links report/killing facility;
  • custom tags;
  • custom tags for bulk URLs (automatically assigned tags like tag1, tag2, tag3 and so on);
  • redirects statistic - referer domain, referer page, visitor's IP (+ link to geographical information about each visitor), date;
  • URLs and hits statistics can be seen even without registration (IP-based authorization);
  • delayed, instant and framed redirects (both top and bottom frames supported);
  • third level domains based redirects support (on demand);
  • spam protection: 1 second timeout between submissions from same IP address (can be amended);
  • spam protection: same URLs submitted from same user will have same shortened tag (unless user wants custom tag);
  • registered users: edit/delete URLs;
  • admin: instant, delayed (middle page with ads) or framed redirects - can be changed via interface;
  • possibility to hide direct hits in statiscitcs module (usually these hits produced by search bots);
  • admin: mass upload URLs from file;
  • browse and download URLs in CSV format by file name and/or batch (short tag) name ("all URLs with afiiliate-one batch or from affiliate-links.csv file");
  • site block both target and refering domains (admin may stop all redirects to certain domain + all traffic from certain domain);
  • Twitter browser button/bookmarklet;
  • export links to CSV file.

Script is based on plusPHP content management system (included).