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plusPHP Content Management System 2.0

plusPHP content management system is complex script to manage website. System use Smarty template engine and ezSQL database abstraction class for easy development. Core version include

  • authorization system;
  • password reminder;
  • registration system (can be turned off via admin interface);
  • e-mail confirmation (can be turned off);
  • change e-mail + re-confirmation;
  • optional Twitter OAuth and Facebook Connect authorization;
  • multi-language interface with UTF-8 support and language editor facility;
  • site configuration facility;
  • site files management facility;
  • "static" pages ("Terms of Service", "About us") WYSIWYG editor with ability to add more;
  • navigation menus and text widgets editor;
  • advertisement zones placement and management;
  • "contact us" / "feedback" facility;
  • "recommend us" / "send to friends" facility;
  • users management facility (aka "add/edit/delete users");
  • user roles management facility (visitors, registered users, moderators, paid users with expiration dates);
  • IP management facility (ban IPs, ban multiple IPs by user ID etc.);
  • Smarty based layout skins system separated from language data for easy translation and re-design;
  • directory/module based plugin system for unlimited development potential;
  • captcha protection (registration, comments, feedback);
  • inner message system with e-mail notifications;
  • RSS (optional);
  • comments with spam protection (forbidden words, captcha, timeout control);
  • internal messages system;
  • socialization capabilities - "friends", links to social sites' profiles for each user, block-lists, karma-based protection based on users' activities (negative actions lower users' karma and may disable some functions like personal messages).

CMS Core Features:

  • Site Management
    • Site Configuration Facility
    • Easy Language Editor
    • Users Management
    • IP addresses bans
    • WYSIWYG Pages Editor
    • Easy Navigation Editor
  • Users Managment
    • add/edit/ban users;
    • ban users based on their IP addresses
    • role and type based access system ("admin", "visitor", "user", "banned" + "paid", "free", "secretary", "moderator");
    • administrator may login as any system user.
  • Visitors Interface
    • easy registration system;
    • captcha for registration;
    • e-mail confirmation (optional - configurable);
    • password restore facility;
    • profile editor;
    • e-mail change (with optional confirmation);
    • add links to users' social bookmarking or community profiles (MySpace, StumbleUpon, Digg).
  • Development & Security
    • user-defined (POST, GET) variables are being checked for possible SQL injections and path-like strings;
    • users' passwords stored in database as MD5 encrypted strings and cannot be restored into readable text;
    • template system based on Smarty for easy design and functionality changes;
    • visitors interface language separation for easier editing and translation.