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plusPHP Real Estate Agency Script

 Real Estate Agency script is ideal solution to organize online catalog for real estate company or private agent. Script support multi-agent functionality (visitors cannot register - for multi-user functionality see another script). Both long-term rentals and property sales supported.

Script created according to our experience (10+ years, 50+ projects) with real estate sites development - some of them still running on earliest versions of this content engine.

Unique feature of this script - statistic module there owner can see origins of all visits for certain listing in real time to track efficiency of advertising and marketing campains and/or search engines optimization (referer page/site, IP address, timing, visitor's language, with external source - country/city). Also many other "web 2.0" interactive functions included - comments, tag clouds, watchlist/ratings, automated web 2.0 social bookmarkings buttons, RSS (every feature may be turned on/off - except fro RSS).

Application is in beta and being tested.

Real Estate Agency Script - Features

  • illustrated real estate properties catalog organized by country, state, region, province, real estate type (house, appartment, commercial property or land) and deal type (sale or rent);
  • owner may add/remove agents to site;
  • quick search by region, square, amount of bedrooms, deal type (rent, sale), by price and by ZIP proximity (optional - upon request);
  • full multi-language support - interface, articles content and headers, navigation menus may be displayed in any language you want include Chinese, Russian, Greek, French, Spanish, and Japanese and visitors may switch between languages (note: admin interface is in English);
  • multi-currency  - prices being automatically re-calculated and visitors may see prices in USD, Chinese yuans, Japanese yens, UK pounds, Russian roubles etc.;
  • Google Maps integration - each listing displayed on map;
  • 100+ property parameters (interior square, land square, bedrooms, parking lots, type of ownership, furniture, WIFi internet access, etc.) and editable options - common and separate for sale and rent options (access to pool, pets allowed, guarded territory, beach nearby) - property parameters may be renamed, removed, added, rearranged via admin interface;
  • editable lists of countries, regions, states, provinces, real estate types;
  • auto-filling "contact us" facility for each property;
  • "recommend" / "send to friend" facility;
  • facility to upload photos for each real estate property;
  • video embed from YouTube;
  • watchlist for visitors + browse history;
  • visits statistics for each property on Google Maps: time, visitor's language, source site/page, country/city/suburb (optional);
  • internal messaging system with e-mail notifications;
  • optional: visitors may leave comments for listings (may be turned off by admin or listing owner) - function protected by captcha and bad words filter;
  • auto-generated tag clouds (may be turned off);
  • RSS feed with new objects for subscribers and better search engines indexation;
  • auto-generated and editable page titles;
  • 2-step add listing process to save time and to ease filling of complicated forms - first page contains most common options (price, square, description, region, property type) to add listing quickly, second page offer to upload photos, add link to video, add more parameters;
  • unique meta keywords and description for each page with real estate property;
  • interface may be translated into any language + possibility to run site with more than one language;
  • best possible optimization for search engines include unique page titles, meta tags, tableless DIV/CSS based layout, proper HTML formatting, keyword-rich pages' URLs, static pages' URLs;
  • Smarty template-driven content management system with editable pages, "contact us" facility, login and password reminder, extendable/modular functionality, brute force protection.