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plusPHP Text Rewrite (Synonymizer) Script

plusPHP Text Rewrite (Synonymizer) Script is a software to start free public text rewrite service and community for people who want to get unique content for their sites but cannot afford professional copywrighter or don't have time to wait. Using this script you can earn money from (CPM) ads exposures or direct sales of premium access functionality (higher limits).

Live site - text rewriter

Main functionality of this software is to rewrite given text with synonyms from database to generate unique text. Script may generate thousands of unique "articles" from single spurce article. Script may rewrite texts mixed with HTML code (links, images, headers) - and HTML tags will remain untouched. Script has tremendous thesaurus database (about 40.000 words with more than 300.000 links between them) + users can add their own words and synonyms sets. Script allow people to keep words from original text («keep "hotels", "cars" and "tickets"») and/or force certain synonyms when possible («replace "traveller" with "tourist" but not "pedestrian" or "visitor"»). Also script may shuffle sentences and paragraphs with or without synonym rewrite - to boost text's uniqueness.

Script will not be available as "out of the box" product due to it's complexity. If you want it - list functionality changes you need and make reasonable offer ("reasonable offer" in this case means 4-digit sums like $x.xxx).

Text Rewrite (Synonymizer) Script Features

For Users:

  • text rewriting API for remote sites works with article library using keywords: your site can get unique rewritten articles automatically;
  • custom synonyms sets: users can get any quality they want defining their own synonyms;
  • visitor don't have to define his/her own synonyms - there is easy to use workgroup feature which allow to use each other's synonyms sets (or hire people/users to define synonyms);
  • configurable "multi-layered" rewrite process: user's own synonym set "overlay" human-defined synonyms and default database;
  • huge articles library (100.000+ articles) to get ready-to-use texts in just few clicks or automatically via API;
  • visitors can force API to use certain articles from library defining article ID or search term (if more than one article found there will be random choice);
  • visitors can add their own articles to library to use with API - and make them private (so no one else can use them);
  • common synonyms being used more and more often then people define them in their sets - rewrite quality becomes better over time;
  • current synonyms set allows up to 35%-55% words changes after rewrite (40% average with default database);
  • unique re-write results - billions of possible combinations even for smaller texts;
  • possibility to use stop words which will stay in text;
  • ability for users to point stop words they don't want to re-write;
  • ability to re-write text mixed with HTML code;
  • classical article spinner which turn text (with special formatting) into multiple articles;
  • article spinner has text files export function - you can get 100 text files with articles in one click;
  • pre-spinner - turns usual article into spinner-ready formatted text - combined with spinner it can translate any article into hundreds - in few clicks;
  • ability to cut HTML code;
  • ability to add HTML code (paragraphs and line break tags);
  • custom synonyms sets (thesaurus) for different themes (cars, shopping, science, etc.);
  • quotes inside text remain un-changed;
  • ability to shuffle sentences and paragraphs;
  • "robotic" database has 35.000 words in database with 250.000 links between them - but user's own synonyms overlay this "layer";
  • inner messaging system with optional e-mail notifications for users to communicate;

For Workgroups:

  • members may use other's synonyms sets;
  • users may change their workgroup any time (for example user may "grab" people with good "real estate" synonyms sets to complete certain task);
  • possibility to browse other's synonyms sets;

For Owner:

  • different text length limit (configurable) for visitors and registered users - to force registration;
  • rewrite attempts limit for visitors, system users and premium members;
  • e-commerce ready: automated Paypal payment gateway and tracking facility for subscriptions;
  • possibility to accept alternative types of payment (checks, wire transfer, charity, donations);
  • captcha protection to prevent spam;
  • fast re-write process - low pressure on hardware;
  • admin can add more synonyms or edit current set + block certain users and their words databases;
  • automated payment module with various contract plans and daily limits;
  • optimized database structure - MySQL query for 300.000 database takes just 0.003-0.01 seconds.

This software is based on our content management system.