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plusPHP Affiliate Links Manager and Statistic

plusPHP Affiliate Links ManagerAffiliate Links Manager is effective solution to protect, handle and track affiliate and sponsor links without risk for them to be cut off or blocked by anti-virus software and firewalls (or evil users). System can handle, protect and redirect thousands links and save millions redirects/visitors information strings in database. Script allow to track sources, timing and geographical data of your visitors. In simple words - application will save your money and boost earnings. Application compatible with Google AdWords, Commission Junction, ClickBank and many other affiliate and sponsor programs.

Affiliate links manager has full functionality of advanced short URL script - but only admin-level users may add and manage links after authorization. Authorization interface protected with captcha image and brute force detector. To get a clue how the script work - see it in action and try framed redirect with cloaked affiliate ID and target URL.

Buy now for $49 ( ToS ) - admin demo

Server with PHP / MySQL support needed to use the script. Script is

  • easy to install (takes about 2 minutes - but if it will be difficult for you - installation service included);
  • easy to manage (mass add / delete / export / import links);
  • easy to operate (script may handle tenths of thousands redirects daily even on shared hosting account).

Affiliate Links Manager Script - Key Features:

  • cloak affiliate links
  • easy to operate and remember URLs (custom tags)
  • links and visitors statistics
  • hide affiliate ID
  • bulk submission
  • CSV files import/export
  • password protected links
  • temporary links
  • possibility to block traffic from certain domains
  • cloaked target domains and URLs (check iFrame mode)
  • 3 redirect modes (framed, instant and middle page)
  • script trace redirects - source pages and domains, visitors' IP addresses, time;
  • redirects statistic by date, by referer domain, by target domain, by target page (you may have multiple alias URLs for same target), by visitor's IP address;
  • script allow to trace your visitors' country of origin, city, zip by IP addresses (with external data source);
  • browse, download, delete links by source file name or batch/category name ("all links with affiliate-one tag").