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Illustrated Bookmarks Online Storage Script

Illustrated Online Bookmarks Storage ScriptIllustrated Online Bookmarks script allow you to start web 2.0 site there users may store their bookmarks building more and more site's pages (thus traffic from Google will grow day by day). The script has been designed to make money using Google Adsense, Fastclick/ValueClick, Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN). Easy-to-edit advertizement blocks placed in optimal spots of script's templates to maximize your revenue.

Buy it now for $49 - single domain license (1 file encrypted - 2% of total code). See in action or ask questions. Script require web hosting with MySQL, PHP and mod_rewrite support. Admin demo - use "demo" without quotes as login/password (saving functions disabled).

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Online Illustrated Bookmarks Script - Features

  • easy to install: script is very easy to install (just change SQL data in config file) - or we can install it for you (service included);
  • easy to monetize: script has 4 advertisement zones in optimal spots to maximize ads effectiveness and revenue ("top", "bottom", "side" for bookmarks interface site and "top" for proxified pages) - easy to edit without HTML knowledge or templates editing;
  • easy to promote: social bookmarking module has maximum SEO optimization to lure additional traffic from search engines;
  • easy to manage: owner may ban/add/edit users, ban IP addresses and delete bookmarks (or prohibit public links to certain domains);
  • easy to change look: script use Smarty template system;
  • new! folksonomy a.k.a. "tags";
  • illustrated bookmarks: each link has site's thumbnail attached automatically (third party service integrated);
  • bookmarks organized as illustrated lists and tree-like structures;
  • users registration, password reminder, e-mail confirmation;
  • private and public profiles with in/visible bookmarks lists;
  • users' bookmarks management (add/edit/delete bookmarks and folders);
  • bookmarks have tree view with wysiwyg AJAX editor;
  • bookmarks can be listed by domain;
  • bookmarks search, history search, "hotmarks" search;
  • social bookmarking - users can share their bookmarks (lists by user, by popularity);
  • RSS feeds for every user, for "new" and "hot" bookmarks;
  • recently popular and new links on start page;
  • forbidden domains (users may bookmark pages in every domain they wish but links won't be available to public).

Script is based on plusPHP content management system.