Bongs Vs. Dab Rigs – What’s The Difference?

Weed Acessories
Source: Weed Maps

Looking back a few years ago, bongs were ruling the world of cannabis as the only method of consumption. It was simple – users would grind their favorite strain, pack the bowl and light it. Newer weed accessories entered the market later and have evolved in recent years to much more advanced versions. Dab rigs were introduced recently as a method of getting really high instantly. These tools use a blow torch to heat the matter before inhaling the smoke through the mouthpiece just like in bongs. Let us try to understand how dab rigs are different from bongs.


Bongs as well as dab rigs are used as consumption methods for weed but they work differently. While bongs are designed to work with dried flower, dab rigs are intended for wax and concentrates. Bongs operate through combustion, heating the herb with a lighter before inhaling the smoke. Dab rigs, on the other hand, use heat to vaporize the matter which is then inhaled. The matter is usually heated using a torch.

Bowls Vs. Nails

Bongs are used with bowls which hold the plant matter for combustion. They are either made of metal or glass and easily withstand the temperature. Dab rigs are somewhat different as they require a durable attachment called nails that withstand the high temperature. Nails are generally made from titanium or ceramic and available in various styles. Nails function like bowls; you heat them to vaporize the concentrate in them and inhale.


When it comes to the level of percolation, bongs differ from dab rigs. Higher percolation is better in case of bongs where different components offer filtration and cooling to smoke to make the hit smoother and cooler. Regardless of the number of percolators in a bong, the herb does not lose its flavor or potency. However, high percolation can lower the potency in dab rigs. The vapor produced from concentrate can get less effective if it passes through too much cooling and filtration. This is why high-quality dab rigs feature just one percolator.


While the biggest bong is the most desirable, dab rigs are not intended to be huge. In the case of bongs, there is no issue of losing the potency of smoke produced from herb. Adding a number of percolators to lengthen the path of the smoke in a bong is a great way to ensure a filtered, smoothened hit. The smoke cools down before reaching your lungs, giving you smoother hits. The experience you get from inhaling from a bong with percolator and that without one is quite different. The vapor produced from concentrated oil dissipates inside the water and loses its potency. You should inhale the vapor from a rig as quickly as possible and this is why dab rigs are smaller in size.

While these two tools have their own functions, it is possible to use a rig to smoke dried flower and smoke concentrate from a bong. You can use the appropriate attachments to make this possible. However, they are tools and serve special purposes based on their individual designs and you can find them in Online Dispensary Canada.