Can You Sell Cannabis Online?

“Can you sell cannabis online?” is a big question that rules the discussion of how to sell cannabis online. The rise of  E-Commerce platforms has definitely made this method of selling a product online a possibility for anyone interested in selling. What  E-Commerce platforms provide is a turnkey solution for anyone to create their very own small-business with goals to turn it into a main source of income.

According to America Commerce, E-Commerce is a $220 billion dollar market in the U.S. alone. Not only that but this market is growing by 17% every year. To take it a step further, the value of one cannabis customer is about 3x that of a regular consumer. The lifetime value of a Cannabis customer can be anywhere in between $100,000 and $1,000,000.

Another question that pops up is how to sell cannabis online without breaking the law. As the legal cannabis industry becomes a large part of North American society, more and more people are trying to build their business now in order to capitalize on selling the hottest commodity around, and guess what? The Internet has mass reach so it is the place to be.

Ganjapreneurs that are one step ahead of the industry when it comes to figuring out how to sell online will be the ones that benefit the most in the long term. After all, the green rush will play out just like the app rush, the gold rush, and the lithium rush, those of us who find the best solution in a timely manner will be the ones who benefit from the rush.

For many, the allure of digital retail has become too lucrative to resist. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It’s affordable – the number one rule for start-ups is to keep your costs lean. For a relatively low monthly cost, you get a web store that can reach millions of possible consumers.
  2. It is easy to create a visually appealing store – let’s be real, you can sell the best cannabis in the world but if your site doesn’t look good then no one will stay on there long enough to find that out!

Essential marketing tools – most  E-Commerce sites are built for marketing and this is important for start-ups looking to keep burn low at the same time as spreading the word fast.