Bongs Vs. Dab Rigs – What’s The Difference?

Weed Acessories
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Looking back a few years ago, bongs were ruling the world of cannabis as the only method of consumption. It was simple – users would grind their favorite strain, pack the bowl and light it. Newer weed accessories entered the market later and have evolved in recent years to much more advanced versions. Dab rigs were introduced recently as a method of getting really high instantly. These tools use a blow torch to heat the matter before inhaling the smoke through the mouthpiece just like in bongs. Let us try to understand how dab rigs are different from bongs.


Bongs as well as dab rigs are used as consumption methods for weed but they work differently. While bongs are designed to work with dried flower, dab rigs are intended for wax and concentrates. Bongs operate through combustion, heating the herb with a lighter before inhaling the smoke. Dab rigs, on the other hand, use heat to vaporize the matter which is then inhaled. The matter is usually heated using a torch.

Bowls Vs. Nails

Bongs are used with bowls which hold the plant matter for combustion. They are either made of metal or glass and easily withstand the temperature. Dab rigs are somewhat different as they require a durable attachment called nails that withstand the high temperature. Nails are generally made from titanium or ceramic and available in various styles. Nails function like bowls; you heat them to vaporize the concentrate in them and inhale.


When it comes to the level of percolation, bongs differ from dab rigs. Higher percolation is better in case of bongs where different components offer filtration and cooling to smoke to make the hit smoother and cooler. Regardless of the number of percolators in a bong, the herb does not lose its flavor or potency. However, high percolation can lower the potency in dab rigs. The vapor produced from concentrate can get less effective if it passes through too much cooling and filtration. This is why high-quality dab rigs feature just one percolator.


While the biggest bong is the most desirable, dab rigs are not intended to be huge. In the case of bongs, there is no issue of losing the potency of smoke produced from herb. Adding a number of percolators to lengthen the path of the smoke in a bong is a great way to ensure a filtered, smoothened hit. The smoke cools down before reaching your lungs, giving you smoother hits. The experience you get from inhaling from a bong with percolator and that without one is quite different. The vapor produced from concentrated oil dissipates inside the water and loses its potency. You should inhale the vapor from a rig as quickly as possible and this is why dab rigs are smaller in size.

While these two tools have their own functions, it is possible to use a rig to smoke dried flower and smoke concentrate from a bong. You can use the appropriate attachments to make this possible. However, they are tools and serve special purposes based on their individual designs and you can find them in Online Dispensary Canada.

The Biggest Cannabis Events in 2020

With the quick spreading wave of cannabis sanctioning in various pieces of the world, aficionados can get to a totally new class of occasions. Advertisers of cannabis-related occasions are taking into account an alternate world that sees recreational and therapeutic medication interestingly. The business is quick creating with huge innovative work adding to the universe of comprehensive well being. This transformation can change the lives of a huge number of individuals around the world in a flicker of eye. There are numerous pot occasions across America and Europe that would catch the enthusiasm of the individuals who are interested about this industry. As the quantity of states legitimizing the utilization of cannabis builds, the rundown of occasions goes develops. Right now, investigate the absolute most unmistakable occasions that would occur in 2020.

CannaGrow Expo

A world-class occasion to be held in Chicago on April 17, 2020, the expo is devoted to the craftsmanship and science associated with cannabis development. It would highlight around 25 meetings about development drove by top cultivators. The two-day occasion will permit enormous systems administration capacities with cultivators over the world and an expo of cutting edge devices and methods utilized for developing and preparing the herb. What makes it unique is the nature of training it gives to makers. This expo is available to everyone matured 18 or more and welcomes cultivators, extractors, chiefs and lovers.


Two occasions will be held in 2020 by CannaTech, Davos (20-24 Jan) and Tel Aviv (29-31 Mar). While Davos is planned for featuring the monetary effect of maryjane in global venture, exchange, social insurance and different perspectives. These effects mean the medication as a product and medication can assume a major job in molding the globe’s future. Tel Aviv is a clinical weed meeting that assembles pioneers in the business and specialists to associate and find advancement. Through these occasions and speakers, CannaTech offers a stage to insert the medication into the fate of social insurance.

ICBC International

Planned on February 6, 2020, ICBC International is an absolute necessity go to occasion for B2Bs. This is the longest-running occasion in California and guarantees something for everyone, speculators, clinical experts, organizations just as specialists. Being the pioneer in the business, California is an extraordinary spot to encounter an occasion. In addition, ICBC individuals have assumed a major job in molding the business and lawmaking body in the nation.

Lift and Co. Vancouver

The 3-day celebration to be held from January 9 this year celebrates various parts of the business and spreads shoppers just as organizations. The expo cum meeting offers a plenty of chances for the sake of entertainment and training. At the point when you go to this occasion, you can go over financial specialists, clinical experts just as recreational clients and get an astounding possibility for systems administration. In addition, you can get to exceptionally exhaustive data that is shared at the occasion. Regardless of whether you go to it for one day or three, you make certain to get back home with an extraordinary information on the present circumstance of the business and its future.

NoCo Hemp Expo

Booked to be hung on March 27 and 28 this year, NoCo is in excess of an expo. Being the most exhaustive hemp display, this occasion will be held in Denver to offer a perfect setting for makers, discount and retail organizations and advertisers of hemp-inferred items. With an enormous number of participants and exhibitors, this occasion will give a stage to meet up to affect the future decidedly.

Top of the line Creatives

A minority organization drove by ladies, High End Creatives is situated in Miami and Los Angeles and represents considerable authority in computerized promoting. They have a schedule of occasions in 2020 all banding together with creative and instructive pioneers who might delineate their essence and commitment in the business. A portion of these occasions will be open while others will be confined to welcome. The goal is to contact the crowd through test endeavors. The originators will take part in network working by uniting brands, ability and leaders expected to change the business’ face in coming years.

Cannabis Drinks Expo

Perfect for the individuals who like making the most of their weed in drinkable structure, this occasion will be held in Chicago on August 3, 2020. This expo will include alcoholic just as non-mixed beverages and offer talks about the advantages of all encompassing well being, sanctioning and the sky is the limit from there. The occasion will let you increase a great deal on the off chance that you are some way or another into the nourishment and refreshment industry. You won’t just become more acquainted with the new brands and items yet in addition meet a portion of the top investigators and professionals in the business.